Exploring the traditional architecture of the Greek Islands

Greece, a country with a rich cultural heritage and a fascinating history, is known for its stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and charming island destinations. Each Greek island boasts a unique character, and one of the most captivating aspects of their charm is their traditional architecture. In this article, we will delve into the architectural styles […]

Northern Suburbs of Athens: The bold & the beautiful

The classy Northern Suburbs of Athens never cease to fascinate with their impressive architecture, lush greenery, and high quality of life. A walk is enough to make you fall in love with them. They are undoubtedly leafier and significantly quieter compared to the center of Athens, but they lack nothing in fun and liveliness, while […]

What to Look for When Viewing a House

Are you a first time homebuyer? The Prosperty Experts reveal the top 8 crucial things to look for when viewing a house to buy in Greece (or anywhere else)! Buying a home is a big move. It requires time, money, and research, and when you’re just starting, it can feel a little daunting. Fortunately, the […]

Digital Services are the Future of Real Estate

This interview given by Antonis Markopoulos, co-founder and CEO of Prosperty to Mary Papakonstantinou of newsit.gr, focuses on the prospects of real estate during coronavirus and development opportunities for startup companies. What are the market gaps that Prosperty fills? Prosperty is an innovative online real estate trading platform that brings transparency to transactions and enhances […]

Insurance Overview – Interview with Colin Birch

Colin Birch is a general lines insurance agent serving clientele in Greece in their insurance needs for 30 years.  Originally from London, England, he worked with Lloyds at the time, was sent to Greece to provide insurance services for Lloyds, and decided to stay in Athens.  As an expert in helping expats insurance needs he […]

Move to the best Neighborhood following these top 10 Tips!

Move to what moves you! Moving to a new place is always a tough decision, prosperty experts are here to guide you through this messy process. Our remarkable experience let us understand that when you’ re buying or renting a house you are getting married with the surrounding. Becoming a part of a neighborhood creates […]

Tips for remodeling an apartment

Home is a feeling – Top tips for remodeling an apartment  Good idea!  Breathing new life into an old home, rescuing a period gem from demolition or simply renovating a neglected house on a budget can be incredibly rewarding!  Thanks to our remarkable experience in apartment remodeling or renovation we share our insight how to […]

How to Buy Property in Greece

The procedure to buy a property in Greece can be both time and money consuming, if you’re not aware of the necessary documentation, your rights and your obligations. For that reason, it’s strongly recommended that any potential buyer/investor hires a specialized real estate professional, who will guide you through the whole process, especially if he’s […]

Tips When Selling Your House

Before you begin the process of selling your property, you should have a clear and well documented estimation of its value, by an authorized real estate market professional. The precise determination of the property’s value, combined with the seller’s expectations, will be the initial guide to secure a buyer at the best possible value, in […]

Real Estate Taxes in Greece

According to the analytical guide by the Hellenic Property Federation, the basic taxes which are payable by the buyer is the Property Transfer Tax, which has a rate of 3% of the property’s value, or the VAT (Value Added Tax), which has a rate of 24% of the property’s value. VAT is applied to every […]