What to Look for When Viewing a House

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Prosperty revolutionises the way the real estate industry works making the selling, buying and renting of property simple, transparent and efficient for all!

Are you a first time homebuyer? The Prosperty Experts reveal the top 8 crucial things to look for when viewing a house to buy in Greece (or anywhere else)!

Buying a home is a big move. It requires time, money, and research, and when you’re just starting, it can feel a little daunting. Fortunately, the online property platform Prosperty gives answers to all of your questions in our analytical technical reports, 3d virtual tours, drone videos and clear, simple layouts which accompany every single property listed!

Thanks to our platform you can easily find out not only any deal breaker but also your perfect first dream home!

1. Black mold spores? Uh-oh!

Sniff out the smell!
Keep your nose open to a musty smell. This is one of the first tell tale signs that a property is suffering from damp, even if you can’t see it.

The main giveaway signs are a mouldy smell, flaky plaster, and watermarked walls or ceilings. It sounds obvious, but make sure you look closely near the ceiling and around the skirting boards. Another clue might be if the room has just been repainted – possibly covering any damp.

Buildings endure a lot stress over their lifespan. From climactic activities to natural disasters, there are a number of things that could affect a building’s structure.

2. All eyes on walls!

Checking the construction quality is of utmost importance. Structural issues often show up on the home’s exterior walls, keep an eye out for cracks in mortar or bricks. In the meantime, look closely at the chimney, especially if it is built against the home’s outside wall. Have in mind as a home’s foundation shifts, the movement can affect flooring.

3. Your home is a living space, not storage space!

One of the most common regrets cited among homeowners is buying a house without enough storage space. The typical family has a lot of stuff, so much that many people pay monthly fees to rent storage units. Those costs can quickly add up! If you’re planning to buy a house, take a careful look at the amount of storage space it offers and ask yourself if it really is enough for your family.

4. Follow your inner compass!

In winter, during a cloudy day or at night, it is difficult to tell the difference between a north and south facing house or garden – but in summer it can make the difference between a home that is full of light and warmth, and one that is frustratingly dark.

5. Electrical safety first

Dodgy wiring can be dangerous, and rewiring your new home can be an expensive business. You should have an electrical service that is large enough to supply the home and have room for future expansion. The wiring should be grounded and in good working order. The switches and outlets should be inspected to ensure they are in good working order and of the right type.

6. Up in the attic!

If you get the chance to peek into the attic yourself, look for signs of leaks and damage to the roof’s structure. Be on the lookout for animal droppings as well, since that could indicate an infestation you need to worry about. Rodents in your attic can cause a lot of damage.

7. Protect your sanity!

Your glass windows and doors are going to be the biggest entry point of noise from outside. If you don’t have double glazing then you might as well sit outside, because you will hear everything. You may be able to hear if the walls have dense mass by knocking on the walls. Obviously, you have to know what to listen for and what those sounds mean. At last, the amount and kind of noise you will hear will be based on the majority of the type of people living there.

8. Plumbing is a different animal!

Have a professional look at the sewer line to the street and check water heater age. Check for leaks at the base, this can lead to significant damage and determine the age of the pipes and whether or not they have been replaced. Although there are many models with varying pressure, make sure there is a solid stream of water.

Visualize yourself living in it and trust your gut!
If you have a gut feeling about the house when you walk in, especially a bad one you will want to make sure you are paying attention. Start your housekeeping today along with Prosperty and minimize your stress & headaches!

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