Tips for remodeling an apartment

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Home is a feeling – Top tips for remodeling an apartment 

Good idea!  Breathing new life into an old home, rescuing a period gem from demolition or simply renovating a neglected house on a budget can be incredibly rewarding! 

Thanks to our remarkable experience in apartment remodeling or renovation we share our insight how to add value in your home and save money at the same time. 

First question you must answer to yourself is what I am going to do with this property, rent it sell it or own use it. However, in any case here are few tips to rock your property in terms of functionality, commercialization and aesthetics. 

Do not forget designing a luxury property does not mean you need luxurious materials. Try some of these inexpensive tricks to make your home look more luxurious without totally breaking the bank.

In case you are thinking of a light renovation and remodeling of your apartment follow these 3 main steps

Make the place appear bigger:

White it all! 

Making it feel airy and light, calm and serene, giving the feeling of easy move and open it is the most important. A cozy living room and a minimal bathroom need to travel the eye, using white colors or even some pastel palette colors it can simply make it classy. 

Mirror illusions!

Place a mirror on the wall directly across from windows to help bounce light around the room and maximize what’s already there. They make reflections while replacing a piece of art which is maybe much more expensive and create an illusion of quality. 

The details are not details – they make the design!

Use few delicate furniture to make the space seem luxury, like a special armchair, or vases or stools. Add airy fabrics to make the place even cozier. 

Add on Storage

Organizing is such a good idea!

You need to think of ways to maximize storage while leaving the apartment looking spacious. Consider adding floating shelves on the walls to store decorations and small items that make a room appear messy. 

Create wall-mount storage in the kitchen to hang your cookware and free up space in the cabinets for other things.

Use wooden or bamboo baskets to store things especially in kitchen and bathroom. Keep visible as less items as you can, carefully choose furniture to store your shoes, books and linen. 

Upgrade Lighting 

Light up the darkness! 

Lighting shouldn’t overpower a room but it shouldn’t get lost in a room either.

Check the height of your ceiling and choose overheard lighting for the dining table while placing the mirror in the opposite side, a minimal warm floor lamp is what you need to bring balance into the space. 

Rest your eye 

Minimalist is the appreciation of space!

Remove everything unnecessary, reduce the size of your furniture and focus on function, do not overtreat the walls, your make up surface or your desk area. There are smart use storage boxes in every size which you can use and leave the surfaces empty. 

Create a palette 

Light creates the color! 

Stay natural, prefer white and add color with flowers or pretty details. For example, you can use huge vases on the floor or in your dining table or add some woodwork. 

Following this you can change your palette whenever you wish easily and without spending much. 

In case you’re considering of a full renovation here are some tips regarding spaces and materials

Let’s be more specific – Be realistic of what your budget affords and make a good plan regarding the following areas. 

Open space Living room Kitchen is always the best layout to give a sense of luxury in your apartment

While there are so many styles of sofa to choose from, a large corner or L-shaped sofa is a great way to zone off your lounge in an airy open-plan space. 

Add warmth and a rosy glow to the open space with a wood-burning stove. Use furniture to zone off small open-plan spaces. 

Zone areas with rugs while picking the same flooring for all zones to make the space seem bigger while separating living zones.


As for the kitchen space, streamline your appliances, do what is possible and choose furniture that saves space.

Single surfaces and light colors in the cabinets create the feeling of purity in the space.


Choose a stunning oval bathtub or a glass open door shower to make the space look comfy. 

Plants bring much-needed color into sterile bathrooms. Hooks are the easiest way to add surface area to a bathroom without adding a real countertop surface area. 

Install pullout tray tables that you can slide out when you need it and tuck it back when not in use.


This is the easiest part of the whole thing; you just actually need to decorate it. 

Bedroom flooring should communicate a sense of warmth, safety, and coziness. 

You may think that it is the rug that really pulls the room together, but window dressings are more important in the bedroom. The bedroom is a great place to display the works of art that mean the most to you.

Renovate for the future!

In case you need to fully renovate the apartment with changing floors and window cases you better look the quality first. The most you spend firstly the less you pay year after year.  

And Beware of passing trends I Stay classy! 

If you are in a hurdle, the above ideas should give you a good place to start while Prosperty can show you its way!

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