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Certified properties

Certified properties

We verified the properties listed in our platform. We know all the details. We only list properties appropriate for you to live in.

Physical or Virtual tours

Physical or Virtual tours

You choose the way to view the property. Book an appointment and a Prosperty agent will be there to show it to you, in person or through a video call.

Make an offer

Make an offer

Be the first! Good properties can be booked overnight. Make your offer online directly to the owner & see if it was accepted.


e-Sign the agreement

We have simplified the signing process to a single click. All you need to remember is… your signature!

How we compare

Traditinioal agencies
& Listing sites

Search for properties
Contact an agent
Online request for visit
Make an online offer
Sign the Rental Agreement
Pay online your first rental and book the property
Protect your content (Insurance)
Traditinioal agencies
& Listing sites

Commercial policy

Learn about our competitive operational model

One month's rent

The cost of renting concerns the amount that needs to be paid by the tenant after signing the leasing agreement.

Additional FREE services
We know all the properties available in the market.

Even if we don’t have, at the moment, the property you are looking for, we monitor the supply rental market real time. Tell us what you are looking for and our algorithms will match your need with the right property.

Whatever you are looking for you can find it here
Why choose Prosperty?
  • All properties on our platform have been thoroughly checked and we have collected all necessary documents for you
  • Our experienced team will find the property of your dreams, even if it is not listed on our platform yet
How can I arrange a viewing for the property I am interested in?

You can book your appointment online using Prosperty’s e-calendar. All you have to do is click on the “Request Viewing” button on the top right of the property page and choose the exact date and time you wish to see the property in person. All you need to do after that is… to show up for the viewing! A Prosperty agent will be there to show you around the property and inform you in detail about it.

Do you support short-term rentals?
For the time being we support rentals with a minimum duration of 6 months.
How can I make an offer online?

It’s very simple! Browse through our platform and after you find the properties that you like, you can arrange a viewing by clicking the “Make an offer now!” button. You can make an offer for as many properties as you are interested in.

The property owners check your offer on their personal dashboard and decide whether they accept it or not. This way, you can negotiate the price directly with the owners and close the deal faster. If you wish, an exclusive Prosperty consultant will assist you in reaching an agreement with the property owner.

Is there a way to buy the property I am currently renting?

At Prosperty we are about to introduce the “rent-to-buy” model to the Greek real estate market.
With “rent-to-buy”, those interested in buying a property will be able to reach an agreement with the landlord, by which part of the monthly rent will be saved towards its future purchase. This idea provides for the tenant to pay an amount every month that is higher than the monthly rent, with the excess amount being saved for the purchase of that asset at some point in the future. If the tenants eventually decide against buying it, the cash is returned.