A House Hunting Guide to Athens Neighbourhoods

A quick Guide to Popular Athens Neighbourhoods Athens’ city center and the southern and northern suburbs of the capital are the areas with the highest demand among property investors, or those looking for a house for own use. However, one shouldn’t forget digital “nomads”, i.e. people who are expected to arrive from abroad (Greeks or […]

Greek House Hunting Tips

House Hunting Tips According to market experts, prior to beginning the search for your next house, or apartment, to be used as an investment, you should clearly determine the available budget, you’d be willing to spend. Based on this budget, you can then proceed to choose the location, as well as the main characteristics you’d […]

Buying a Summer House in Greece

Demand for summer houses in Greece, especially for luxury villas in popular destinations has skyrocketed during the last few years, as a result of the rise in tourists’ numbers in the country. Prices for summer houses in high-demand islands, like Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu and Crete have began their steady ascend, already since 2017. Most buyers […]