Introducing Prosperty Solutions: an innovative ecosystem of tech-enabled real estate solutions & services

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Prosperty revolutionises the way the real estate industry works making the selling, buying and renting of property simple, transparent and efficient for all!

We are excited to introduce Prosperty Solutions, a comprehensive ecosystem of modular tech-enabled solutions and professional services tailored to the unique needs of Real Estate Institutional Investors and NPL/REO Servicers, harnessing the latest technological innovations and data-powered decision-making to drive asset performance and maximize portfolio returns.

Prosperty Solutions employs the latest technological innovations and data-powered decision-making to maximize asset performance and portfolio returns, making it a game-changer in the institutional real estate industry.

At Prosperty, we started as Operators in early 2020 and quickly learned firsthand about the complex challenges that come with navigating and scaling in the real estate market. Through experimentation and research, we developed operational frameworks and leveraged cutting-edge technology, data, and analytics to create a seamless real estate experience that could be scaled up efficiently.

Property challenges addressed

However, we also recognize that the same challenges we faced are an even greater burden for Real Estate Institutional Investors and NPL/REO Servicers, who must manage thousands of assets at various stages of maturity across multiple geographies.

That is why we created Prosperty Solutions – to be a one-stop-shop for digital-first real estate solutions for Institutional Investors and NPL/REO Servicers, providing everything from end-to-end digital platforms and market data to professional services and investment advice, simplifying, streamlining, and augmenting their real estate operations and capabilities.

Prosperty OS: The most advanced end-to-end SaaS platform for institutional real estate portfolio management & commercialization

The core service offered by Prosperty Solutions is the Prosperty Operating System (OS), the most advanced end-to-end Enterprise SaaS Platform for institutional real estate portfolio management and commercialization.

Prosperty OS offers a comprehensive suite of integrated modules with embedded data layers, under a single interface, digitally enabling and orchestrating all relevant tasks, processes, and stakeholders to manage assets from the collateral stage through to the REO and across all relevant steps up to exit.

Prosperty OS enhances portfolio management efficiency, increases transparency, and reduces risks by adopting streamlined workflows and data-driven decision-making, while it provides real-time performance insights and predictive analytics that help investors and servicers proactively manage portfolios, make informed decisions, and realize the full value of their assets.

Additional business verticals include Prosperty TechAgent, Prosperty Servicing, Prosperty Datalytics, Prosperty Finance, and Prosperty Smart Investments, all designed to automate and support the real estate experience from data analytics, mortgage process, and asset sourcing for aggregation to asset and property management, up to commercialization.

Discover the key features of Prosperty OS in detail

Our other solutions in detail

Prosperty TechAgent

Building the Future of Real Estate, Today

We are a leading PropTech company in Southeastern Europe revolutionizing the real estate market by simplifying, streamlining, and optimizing the traditional real estate experience. The real estate industry has been slow to adopt technological changes, creating a host of challenges for buyers, sellers, and tenants alike. From a lack of data and transparency to outdated processes and inefficient communication methods, the current real estate landscape can be slow, costly, and frustrating for the parties involved.

Prosperty TechAgent offers a comprehensive ecosystem of digital real estate services that cover the entire property journey, from onboarding to closing and beyond. Our platform is designed to provide scale, speed, and control to all participants involved in the real estate process, including buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and investors, and provides a seamless, end-to-end digital real estate experience that combines advanced technology with exceptional service and support, empowering clients to make informed decisions, and achieve their real estate goals with ease.

Discover the key features of Prosperty TechAgent in detail

Prosperty Servicing

Revolutionizing real estate services for institutional investors

At Prosperty Servicing, we are committed to providing end-to-end real estate asset management solutions that maximize asset value and exceed client expectations for institutional investors seeking to manage bulk assets. Our comprehensive approach covers every stage of the real estate value chain, from the Pre-auction process to REO management. Our turnkey data-driven and tech-enabled solutions, ensure we deliver scalable results for our clients, offering the maximum transparency and control.

Discover the key features of Prosperty Servicing in detail

Prosperty Datalytics

Data-powered decisions for real estate success

We are a trusted and reputable provider of advanced real estate data and analytics solutions in Southeastern Europe. Our core expertise lies in the ability to convert raw data into valuable insights, empowering our clients to make informed and strategic decisions in the real estate industry. With our proprietary data and market insights derived from our commercial activity, we offer a distinct competitive advantage to our clients.

Providing a wide range of services that span data analytics, market research, forecasting, and customized solutions, all of which leverage intelligent algorithms and machine learning techniques that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Whether you need to optimize your portfolio, evaluate opportunities, or mitigate risks, our data-powered approach delivers results beyond expectation.

Discover the key features of Prosperty Datalytics in detail

Prosperty Finance

Skip the bank visit and get approved faster than ever – With our AI-powered digital mortgage application

Purchasing a home is an exciting and significant decision, and obtaining a mortgage pre-approval is a crucial step toward achieving that goal.

– We are committed to making the mortgage process as seamless as possible, so our clients can focus on finding their perfect home.
– We expedite the mortgage pre-approval process by partnering with leading lenders and delivering attractive rates and terms to our customers.
– Our mortgage pre-approval services offer peace of mind, enabling clients to search for properties with confidence and competitive advantage.
– With our support and resources, our clients can jumpstart their property search and take the first step toward owning their dream home.

Discover the key features of Prosperty Finance in detail

Prosperty Smart Investment

Data-Powered Solutions for Institutional Real Estate Investments

We understand the importance of combining breakthrough technology with unique data and insights, local expertise, and specialized operations, following a structured industrialized approach to aggregate scattered and granular residential assets into attractively priced, well-located, income-generating portfolios at speed and scale.

Our unique approach of managing the entire real estate value chain for bulk assets with data-driven sourcing tech-enabled services enables us to repeatedly source, acquire, renovate, and commercialize assets, effectively deploying institutional capital and generating attractive IRR at an unprecedented speed and scale.

Discover the key features of Prosperty Smart Investment in detail

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