Vouliagmeni: luxury and natural beauty

Built at the foot of Mount Hymettus, between the mountain and the sea, Vouliagmeni is a luxurious area of ​​Attica, and one of the greenest suburbs, since it is surrounded by pine-covered hills that end in sandy beaches.

Once a popular resort for Athenians, Vouliagmeni may not offer the most organized shops or lively nightlife, but it does have some of the most beautiful beaches in Attica, the best restaurants in the Southern Suburbs – especially for seafood and fish, and of course an incomparably beautiful natural landscape, enhanced by the beauty of Lake Vouliagmeni.

What makes it stand out

Lake Vouliagmeni

A few meters away from the sea and between impressive, high rocks, Lake Vouliagmeni is a “hidden” treasure of the Attic nature. The lake is a wonder of nature and was formed when part of the roof of a large underground cave collapsed, naming the wider area “Vouliagmeni” (which in Greek means “sunken”). The waters of the lake have a constant temperature throughout the year, between 22°C and 29°C, indicating that at some depth it communicates with the volcanic arc of the Aegean.

The beaches

The beaches of Vouliagmeni are numerous and very clean, which is why many of them are awarded the Blue Flag every year. They start from the sandy beaches in Agios Nikolaos Pallon, continue to Megalo Kavouri around Lemos and the central Vouliagmeni bay and end up in the small harbors under Lake Vouliagmeni. Many of them are organized, but you can find quiet spots to enjoy your swim without having to spread your towel on a sunbed.

Its sports facilities

Vouliagmeni is a paradise of water sports, since it offers unlimited possibilities for all kinds of water sports, through schools or at the facilities of the Nautical Clubs that operate in the area. In addition, Vouliagmeni has excellent tennis court facilities, a Municipal Sports Center with a modern gym, a soccer field, and basketball and volleyball courts.

It has the best fish

From traditional fish taverns by the sea, with fresh fish and seafood, to award-winning upscale restaurants serving sushi and gourmet dishes, you can be sure of one thing: in Vouliagmeni you will find the best fish and seafood of Attica, in whatever form you wish to taste it.

What we would change

More shopping centers.

Useful info

Population: 4,810, according to the 2011 census.

Average property prices: circa 5,806 €/sqm to buy and 14,9 €/sqm to rent.

Hot Spots: Vouliagmeni Lake, Fascomilia Hill, Vouliagmeni Nautical Club.

Transportation: Public buses.