Nea Smyrni: here, you’ll find everything

Between the center of Athens and the south coastal area, you will find Nea Smyrni, a lively neighborhood with greenery and locals that are so in love with Nea Smyrni, that they would hardly leave it for any other. Its large square is its trademark, with an imposing fountain dominating the center, while it offers shops, cafes and restaurants for every taste. Especially in the summer, the square offers many choices for entertainment, gathering young people from different areas of Athens and the southern suburbs.

What makes it stand out

It’s bursting with life

Nea Smyrni is one of the most populous municipalities of Attica. Apart from its permanent residents, it attracts people from around ​​Athens, and also tourists. The heart of Nea Smyrni beats in its central square, where there are shops, restaurants, cafes and bars and make it one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Athens.

Ιt's green

The Grove of Nea Smyrni, one of the largest parks in Attica, covers an area of ​​50 acres and has two fountains, offering a unique setting for running, walking and decompressing, in the heart of the city. If you find yourself here during the summer season, you will always find a theatrical event or a concert taking place.

Its rich history

Established by Greek refugees, Nea Smyrni has a long history, which begins when the defeated Greeks fled the burning town of Smyrna (currently named Izmir) in Asia Minor (western Turkey) and sought refuge in their fatherland in August 1922. The first permanent residents settled in the area in 1923 and they brought with them their aristocracy and class in the, at the time, under-developed Athens. Honoring their roots, the residents named more than 130 streets in Nea Smyrni after popular regions and figures of Asia Minor.

It's close to Athens and the sea

Nea Smyrni offers easy access both to the Historic Center of Athens, which is less than 15 minutes away by car, and to the southern suburbs – Glyfada is a 15-minute drive away, while Vouliagmeni is about 25.

What we would change

More parking spaces and fewer double-parked cars.

Useful info

Population: 76,508, according to the 2011 census.

Average property prices: circa 2,415 €/sqm to buy and 8,3 €/sqm to rent.

Hot Spots: the central Square, Nea Smyrni Grove, Omirou Street and Sofouli Street.

Transportation: 1 tram line and 23 bus lines.