Kifissia: the queen in the north

Known for its organized market, cycle paths and its residents’ love for floriculture, Kifissia is undoubtedly the “capital” of the Northern Suburbs. From a vacation spot for Athenian urbanites in the 1960s, Kifissia evolved into a commercial & cosmopolitan hub, remaining to this day synonymous with opulence. Of course, it is much more than a luxurious suburb: a green area, with busy but also quieter spots, a little paradise – perhaps the best place in Attica for those who want to get a countryside feeling, while being in the center of a well-organized city.

What makes it stand out

Endless choices for food and drinks

The Northern Suburbs of Athens have always been an entertainment destination for those who want to escape the city center for a while. The queen in the North is Kifissia, which offers countless options for food and drink, and for every taste. From gourmet restaurants and ethnic cuisines to traditional taverns and from quiet wine bars to “bustling” bars, in Kifissia even the pickiest ones will find it difficult to choose just one place to go out.

Goulandris Natural History Museum

If you come by Kifissia, you should definitely pay a visit to the Goulandris Museum of Natural History, especially if you have children! Here your kids will learn how planet Earth has worked for millions of years and see impressive exhibits from the plant and animal kingdoms. After visiting the Museum, take a walk along the green sidewalks of the area and enjoy the coolness combined with the smell of flowers – an experience you will never forget.

Its cool climate

Kifissia is built at the foot of Penteli, and is surrounded by pine trees, this is why its climate is pleasant during the – increasingly hot – summer months of Greece. The temperature here is always at least 3-4 degrees lower than the center of Athens.

Its well-organized market

From world-renowned brands to designer boutiques and ateliers, and from tech stores to great art galleries, Kifissia has one of the best shopping markets in Attica, where you can literally find everything.

What we would change

More public transportation options.

Useful info

Population: 43,929, according to the 2011 census.

Average property prices: circa 2,847 €/sqm to buy and 8,9 €/sqm to rent.

Hot Spots: Kifissia Grove, Goulandris Natural History Museum, Villa Kazouli, open-air cinema “Bonboniera”

Transportation: 29 bus lines and the Kifissia-Piraeus train line.