Glyfada: here it’s always summer

Known for its lively nightlife, organized market and beaches, Glyfada is the de facto capital of the Athenian Riviera and one of the most popular areas of Attica. While it combines mountain and sea, the sea is its dominant element, and it is no coincidence that many call it the “Miami of Greece”: its climate is warmer than the center of Athens, palm trees line most of its streets, where many locals fling themselves into skateboards, it has 2 marinas with impressive yachts, while most of its permanent residents are engaged in some kind of water sport.

What makes it stand out

It is next to the sea...

Five different shores comprise the beach of Glyfada, stretching from the Olympic facilities to the private beach of Asteras. Going swimming here is a favorite break for most locals, but also for many Athenians – and not only during the summer months. The beaches are highly organized and have showers, changing rooms, umbrellas, and lifeguards.

...but also next to the mountain

Mount Hymettus extends to many areas in Attica and one of them is Glyfada. The residents, as well as hiking groups from all over Attica, systematically hike, walk, run and mountain bike here, helping to naturally keep the large network of paths clear.

Water sports and golf

Whether you are referring to the simple ones, such as swimming, polo and sailing, or more extreme ones such as surfing and scuba diving, in Glyfada “sports” are synonymous to “water sports”, and almost all residents are involved in one. It is no coincidence that the Glyfada Nautical Sports Club is one of the most historic and successful ones in Greece. Of course, the most organized golf course in Attica could not be missing from such a cosmopolitan area like Glyfada, offering an area of ​​530 acres to golf lovers who wish to play golf with the most impressive view.

Its nightlife

Glyfada is known for its vivid nightlife and its countless bars and clubs, which make it the most famous entertainment hub of Attica. Across the coastal road, restaurants offer unique culinary experiences by the sea, while nightclubs are buzzing with people, who dance their shoes off until the sunrise.

What we would change

A subway station would be very useful.

Useful info

Population: 87,305, according to the 2011 census.

Average property prices: circa 4,000 €/sqm to buy and 11,7 €/sqm to rent.

Hot Spots: Asteras Beach, Glyfada Golf Club, the beach, clubs, burger restaurants.

Transportation: Public buses & tram.