What Documents are Required to Sell a Property in Greece?

In order to be able to sell (transfer) a property in Greece, the owner/seller should devote the necessary time and effort (or assign the job to a professional), in order to issue and compile a number of necessary certificates and documents needed.  Those are:  Tax Clearance Certificate by a civil engineer regarding the zoning and […]

Upgrade the Purchase and Rental of Real Estate in Greece

New buying and renting experience, less bureaucratic, more digital and more time and cost effective! New data are now shaping the real estate market, as the pandemic has negatively affected the upward trend observed in the last two years in the industry. Since 2018, the market has seemed to recover, mainly due to the interest […]

Digital Services are the Future of Real Estate

This interview given by Antonis Markopoulos, co-founder and CEO of Prosperty to Mary Papakonstantinou of newsit.gr, focuses on the prospects of real estate during coronavirus and development opportunities for startup companies. What are the market gaps that Prosperty fills? Prosperty is an innovative online real estate trading platform that brings transparency to transactions and enhances […]

Calculating Property Tax in Greece?

From 2013 onwards, every owner of real estate in Greece is subject to an annual tax for his property. This tax is called “Uniform Real Estate Property Tax”, or “ENFIA”. The principal tax is calculated based on the location, area, age, floor, number of façades of the building and its use (residential or commercial). ENFIA […]

Rental prices in Athens and Thessaloniki

Leasing a recently renovated apartment in Athens & Thessaloniki Foreign visitors, digital “nomads” and of course Greeks are forming the basic audience for those interested in leasing residential real estate, in the country’s two biggest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki. During the past few years, rent costs have increased at a very rapid pace, as a […]

Tips When Selling Your House

Before you begin the process of selling your property, you should have a clear and well documented estimation of its value, by an authorized real estate market professional. The precise determination of the property’s value, combined with the seller’s expectations, will be the initial guide to secure a buyer at the best possible value, in […]

Rental Properties in Athens

“Generation of Renters” in Athens Based on data compiled by the Bank of Greece, from 1998 and until 2019, residential prices in Greece grew by a total of 57%, even after an average fall of 44% during the era of the financial crisis, which lasted from early 2009 and up until the end of 2017. […]

A House Hunting Guide to Athens Neighbourhoods

A quick Guide to Popular Athens Neighbourhoods Athens’ city center and the southern and northern suburbs of the capital are the areas with the highest demand among property investors, or those looking for a house for own use. However, one shouldn’t forget digital “nomads”, i.e. people who are expected to arrive from abroad (Greeks or […]